Selected Work

Here are a few of our projects.

(For a summary of our first hosted art show, Synthetically Natural, see this write-up on Sosolimited's blog.)

Indoor Birding

Exhibited at Synthetically Natural, 2016

Classic Audubon bird illustrations were often drawn from deceased specimens. Indoor Birding takes inspiration from these drawings, but showcases the birds as they behave in the wild.

The installation features a wall of picture frames, each filled with an outdoor scene. At random intervals, the previously static birds spring to life and animate across the scene. The birds fly and chirp, each singing a signature call of their species. Viewers can look through binoculars get a closer view of the birds, just as they might in the wild.

All included birds are local to the San Diego area and feature sounds from the Cornell Ornithology Library.

Photo of Indoor Birding installation. 1/3 Still frame of vireo. 2/3 Still frame of hummingbird. 3/3

What's For Dinner?

Exhibited at Wake, Ship In The Woods, 2017

What’s For Dinner? is a reflection on the fragility and complexity of ecological systems, the dependencies that sustain them, and the impact of human interference.

Viewers lay underneath a delicate, webbed structure. Two lights oscillate in opposite phases, exposing different parts of the sculpture. Under the UV light, the web appears to float, barely suspended over the viewer. The web is poised to collapse.

We are largely removed from the ecological networks that sustain us. Lack of exposure has systematically desensitized us from the repercussions our activity has on the natural world. Through our actions, we compromise the integrity of these delicately tuned networks––threatening not just their existence, but our own.

A fragile matrix of complex webbing, What’s For Dinner? invites participants to contemplate their place in and impact on the world around them.

Photo of What's For Dinner? 1/5 Photo of What's For Dinner? 2/5 Photo of What's For Dinner? 3/5 Photo of What's For Dinner? 4/5 Photo of What's For Dinner? 5/5

Webbed World

Exhibited at Figment, 2017

Webbed World is an opportunity for individuals to come together and experience the transformational power of communities.

Participants are encouraged to add webbing to the domed-world and modify the collective creation. The dome is a constantly evolving ecosystem that reflects the unique spirit of our San Diego community.​

Photo of Webbed World dome with fabric strands. 1/5 Photo of Webbed World dome with fabric strands. 2/5 Photo of Webbed World dome with fabric strands. 3/5 Photo of Webbed World dome with fabric strands. 4/5 Photo of Webbed World dome with fabric strands. 5/5

Erosion: Song For Cliffs

Exhibited at Convergence, Ship In The Woods, 2016

The piece explores the relationship between San Diego’s natural landscape and the human cultural artifacts that flourish alongside it.

A playlist of 60s surf tracks play from speakers embedded in the piece. Like waves eroding the coastline, the songs are distorted by a series of digital transforms.

As viewers approach, distortions fade away and the song becomes recognizable. The viewers hear the sounds clearly as they begin to see the waves below the cliffs.

Photo of set at top of cliffs, overlooking sea. 1/4 Photo of detail inside old television set. 2/4 Photo of piece at dusk. 3/4 Photo of piece at night, with moonlit ocean behind. 4/4


Exhibited at Synthetically Natural, 2016

Roomination is an exercise in mindfulness and presents an opportunity for one to explore self-created boundaries. The piece is part physical and part experiential. As an object, Roomination plays upon the idea of infinity—using mirrors and LEDs to reflect upon itself—and creates the impression of endlessness. In this respect, it is a microcosm of the larger experience. Each user is invited to make Roomination a room of one’s own; to enter and reflect upon the self, the void beyond, and the boundaries in between.

This piece was inspired by the concept of time and Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room. It is a wooden, mirror-lined sculpture embedded with individually addressable LEDs. Using Processing and Arduino, the structure converts .mp3 files to light patterns, resulting in a unique, music-responsive light show within the mirrored room.

A view inside Roomination. 1/4 Photo of LED strand + arduino + laptop. 2/4 Visitors enjoying the experience. 3/4 Visitors enjoying the experience. 4/4
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